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Wild about Rumparooz? These new prints make an already awesome diaper absolutely fabulous! There are 2 new prints–the Eco-Owl, which is my personal favorite, and Robotronic, which would be my favorite except when you have girls your brain gets stuck in some kind of  non-boy mode.

So, because I think of Rumparooz as the party animal of the cloth diaper world, Otter Babies is throwing a little bash in their honor. Kind of like a Super Bowl Party, except thankfully there is no football involved, just free stuff, cute diapers and fun.

We’re going to kick things off  October 1st at at 1 PM EST! Word of warning: there is a limited stock of the new prints! Your chances for prizes get better through the day, but your chances for the new prints won’t be as good. Lots of products will be on sale, too, so watch for those! If you don’t see a discount on the item you want, that means the product is no longer being discounted (quantities are limited). Here’s a little schedule:

1 PM: Let’s get started! The first Rumparooz order of the day will get a free Little Comfort one-size bamboo fitted diaper! (the new prints are not eligible for this offer). All in-stock Knickernappies and SmartiPants pocket diapers will go on sale for 10% off.

2 PM: the new Rumparooz prints will be officially available! The first 2 Rumparooz orders after 2 PM will each get a free Little Comfort diaper cover in the size of their choice. Leslie’s wetbags will go on sale for 20% off.

3 PM: More free stuff! The first 3 Rumparooz orders after 3 PM will include a cute and adorable little Otter Washy! 3 pairs of Otter Trotters shoes (made-to-order) will go on sale for 30% off.

4 PM: Still more free stuff! The first 4 Rumparooz orders after 4 PM will include a free 2-pack of Rainbow Wipes in blueberry and raspberry! 4 Nappy Shoppe wetbags will go on sale for 40% off.

5 PM: Lots more free stuff! The first 5 Rumparooz orders after 5 PM will include a free Buddha Bunz dryer ball! 5 Olive Jane designer diaper covers, 5 Otter Washies  and 5 pairs of Otter Puddles trainers (made-to-order) will go on sale for 50% off.

6 PM: You guessed it–free stuff! The first 6 Rumparooz orders after 6 PM will include a  free Sweetsation Therapy product (our choice)! Selected products will go on sale for 60% off–not telling yet what those will be!

The largest Rumparooz order of the day will receive a free Teething Bling necklace and pendant (mother of pearl).

All discounts end at 12 midnight or while supplies last. Orders do not need to include Rumparooz products to be eligible for discounts.


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Anita at Heartfelt Traditions has very helpfully compiled a list of cloth diaper and diapering product companies that manufacture their products in the US. This is a list in progress, as I know there are MANY companies that have not been included yet. I have added some companies that were overlooked and if anyone knows of others, please comment and I will update the list to include them.

Made in the USA

All Together Diaper (OsoCozy)
Baby Kicks
Better Bottoms
Blue Penguin
Blueberry – website says Made in USA
Bottom Bumpers
Buddha Buns
Cloth for Your Angel
Covered Caboose
Firefly Diapers
Green Acre Designs
Happy Heinys
Happy Tushies (Mum’s Bums)
Hiney Lineys
Leslie’s Boutique Wetbags
Little Beetle
Lulu’s Glamour Wash
Mommy’s Touch
Monkey Snuggles
Nappy Shoppe
Olive Jane Designs
Organic Caboose
Otter Babies
Planet Wise
Precious Dignity
Rocky Mountain
Rockin Green Detergent
SAHM Diapers
Simply Babybee
Smartipants – website says Made in USA
Snap EZ
SoftBums (covers made in US, inserts made in China)
Sprout Change
Swaddlebees – website says Made in USA
Tidbit Couture
Tiny Tush
Apparel and Shoes
American Apparel
Bunnyfeet Boutique
SoftStar Shoes
Bath and Body Products
California Baby
Lusa Organics
Sweet Knee
Sweetsation Therapy
Interesting site for other baby things made in USA — stillmadeintheUSA.com
Made in Canada
Maxwell Designs
Monkey Doodlez

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Did you know? America declared it’s independence on the 2nd of July, 1776 and delegates didn’t start signing the Declaration of Independence until August 2nd of that year. Turns out we’re commemorating the ADOPTION of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th. Maybe that means we should celebrate American Independence not just today but every day! For more July 4th myths, check out these fun facts.

And in Otter News, some fun 4th of July announcements!

1. There’s a great giveaway going on at the Knickernappies blog. Have I mentioned recently that I love this company? American-made products, family-owned business, absolutely salt-of the-earth people and fantastic customer service. And they stand behind their products with warranties that are the best in the cloth diapering industry. Enter to win a TRIO of red, white and blue 2G Knickernappies diapers in your choice of sizes and inserts! The mandatory entry is to use the Retailer Locator and leave a comment mentioning the retailer closest to them. Otter Babies is in Elliston, VA between Roanoke and Blacksburg (go Va Tech!) and I’d love to see everyone enter the contest and give a shout if you’re close to us!

2. One-size bamboo fitteds from Little Comfort are coming soon to Otter Babies! Little Comfort is a mom-owned company in Scotland and these fitteds are just fabulous! They’re beautifully soft and gentle against your baby’s skin and super-super absorbent. And they’re made to last–after 300 washes, this fitted will still be as soft as the day you got it! Pre-order yours today and use the discount code COMFORT to get 10% off your whole order!

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Announcing the winners of our First Glamour Wash Giveaway (“First” sounds like maybe there’ll be more Glamour Wash Giveaways, doesn’t it?)

#2, Jill S.

#77, Mary M.

#38, Jessica A.

#30, Alesha J.

#86, Ashley R.

#11, Stephanie G.

#47, Abbie N.

#61, Andrea K.

#15, Cari C.

#42, Karen B.

Congratulations, everyone and thank you so much for reading the Glamour Wash review and tweeting and commenting about the giveaway!

Winners, please send me a message with your shipping addy and choice of scents: Naked Booty (unscented), Zippity Doo Dah, Dimpled Booty or Hard Water (unscented). I’ll try to accomodate as many requests as possible, but if I run out I’ll have to substitute another scent.

If I don’t hear from the winners by tomorrow (Friday) I’ll try to contact them, but if I don’t hear responses by Saturday, their prize will go up for grabs to another entrant.

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Diaper Troll does not generally relish shopping at DisMal-Mart, although it’s certainly dank and depressing enough and features a Troll-enticing ready-made hoard of glittery rubbish.

Nevertheless it is almost impossible to deny the urge to buy 35 watt lightbulbs, and yesterday afternoon Troll found herself turning into the nearest ApPall-Mart parking lot. Troll acknowledges many flaws in her character, but reckless driving is not one of them, and she slowed to check for non-yielding traffic at a 4-way intersection in the parking lot. Foolish Troll, to think this might be acceptable to fellow Brawl-Mart shoppers! The driver of the car in the oncoming lane was impeded in her quest to turn left!! Judging from the frantic gesticulations of the driver, Troll can only speculate what department  of Unmitigated Gall-Mart this particular shopper was headed. Labor and Delivery maybe?

At any rate it has since occurred to Diaper Troll that while surliness, hostility and impudence are generally admirable traits for Trolls, and appear to be fairly entrenched among SociopathiCal-Mart shoppers, these features have never been associated with any of her customers. Not one. Not a single person has been unpleasant, impatient, or difficult.

Why is this? Are cloth diaper proponents inherently nice people? Do they care just a little more about our fragile world and its hapless inhabitants? Troll believes so. And on this Valentine’s Day, she wants to say a heartfelt Thank You and You Are Wonderful to all the OtterMamas and Diaper Trolls out there. Thank you for being kind, thank you for cloth diapering your children, and thank you for providing inspiration and hope for a peaceful, harmonious and love-filled life.

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#111, Isn’t She Lovely?

random number generator

And the winner of Diaper Troll’s First Ever Valentine Giveaway is…#111!

Now the envy of Trolls everywhere, #111 will soon turn heads with her lovely, fragrant, freshly washed, wiped, massaged and sunscreened baby! Yes, there is nothing like winning a wipes bag full of scrumptious Sweetsation Therapy organic bath and body products, LuSa organic goatsmilk soap and scrubby soft Valentine Rainbow Wipes to put a spring in #111’s step and a smile on her face!

Congratulations, #111!!!

What’s that? You’d like to know the living, breathing person representing #111? Always a stickler for details, aren’t you?

Oh, very well. The luckiest She-Troll in the Land is none other than the lovely and talented @amongthemess Miss Amanda C. !!! Amanda, with 3 Wee-Trolls at home, will certainly be able to find a use for Rainbow Wipes. Congratulations, Amanda!! Please send a rapturously giddy email to Diaper Troll (aka debbyreed@gmail.com) with your shipping information asap!

Now, Diaper Troll, while being positively THRILLED to be able to send Amanda her package of niceness just in time for Valentine’s Day, is nonetheless pained by the idea that some truly dedicated Trolls, who faithfully and cheerfully and tirelessly tweeted and fanned and subscribed and followed all the rules and probably would have come and babysat our pet Gorgon if it had meant an extra entry or two, somehow DID NOT WIN. Truly a travesty of Troll justice. So, in an effort to right this effrontery, Diaper Troll will also be sending some Extra Otter Love to Jessica A. and Cari C., both Exemplary First Rate She-Trolls.

Troll Kisses, Otter Hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone : )

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Smackless in Seattle

Family management with too many offspring and too little time? Supernanny, I beseech you, descend on my home and transform it! I fear she would look upon us and tremble. At this point we need SuperNeanderthal to smack us into submission. For better or worse Ottermama is not a smacker although she has been known to grit her teeth and mutter dark things. If smacking were in the repertoire, however, there surely have been many, many Moments that Merited Smacking of the Otters:

Top 10 Smack-Worthy Statements from the Otter Family Smack-Worthy Hall of Fame:

10. “There’s some kind of dumb automatic fail policy for missing more than 6 classes. Who the heck reads the syllabus to know that?” (teen #1)

9. “if you’re not going to get up early and wash my clothes before school, could you at least let me know?” (teen #2)

8. “You made me a sandwich and didn’t wake me up to eat it??” (spouse)
“I had to bring my plate downstairs. Why can’t someone else load it in the dishwasher?” (teen #1)

6. “If I didn’t fold my own laundry I don’t know who would!” (spouse)

5. “Yes, I have seen the package left by the UPS man. I thought you needed help leaving it in little pieces all over the yard.” (dog)

4. “The kitten started it. I was just sitting here growling and hissing at her.” (established resident cat)

3. “Oh, so THAT’S the catbox.” (small emergency backup kitten)

2. “I think she pushed HERSELF into the radiator” (preschool child #1)

and the number 1 smack-worthy comment:

1. I PEED! I PEED ON THE FLOOR!! HEE HEE HEE HEE!! (preschool child #2)

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